2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Henry To’oTo’o (LB – Alabama)

As the NFL season wraps up, FantasyPros will take a look at early scouting reports from the NFL ahead of the March combine. Here’s a look at Henry To’oTo’o.

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2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Henry To’oTo’o (LB – Alabama)

Henry To’oTo’o (LB – Alabama)

6’2” – 228lbs.

Originally visiting Tennessee, he started out as a true novice and released 72-5.0-0.5 that year. Over ten games the following year, he went 68-7.5-1.0, then moved to Alabama ahead of the 2021 season, his performance rising to 111-7.5-4.0 as a junior. Had a similar senior season of 94-8.0-2.5.

Prolific four-year-old SEC starter with experience in the middle of even and odd fronts but who could also project on the weak side. Has made a big step up this season in terms of his metrics. Very much a player built for the modern game. Excellent athlete with sideline-to-sideline reach; works hard to pursue opposing ball carriers. Great suddenness to sift through traffic and get to the ball. Typically able to dodge blockers, but shows good stretch and a better than expected anchor when taking on opposing linemen. Has quick feet and is nimble when making drops in zone coverage. Can stick to seams with opposite receivers/tight ends. Slightly sporty enough to take opponents’ backs into the flats. Closes quickly when working as a spy. Has been able to find ways to quarterback since arriving in Alabama; Many pressures are planned but get there much quicker than a typical linebacker.

Made a step up last season but was more productive than efficient. Sizing is on the small side for a pro linebacker. Instincts/Gamerdetection is still a work in progress, although it’s a four-year starter for large programs. Too often bites into deception, taking false steps that negate his athleticism. Regularly pulled up by playfakes. Doesn’t have much kicking power; not the physical brawler between tackles that some previous Tide linebackers were, sometimes getting the worst of it against stronger runners. Commits to arm tackles too often instead of using his body, resulting in missed attempts averaging 14.4% in his career. Was suspended in coverage prior to this past season.

A strong-engined four-year-old starter with outstanding speed, quickness and range, he seems tailor-made for the modern game from a sporting perspective and has shown some improvement in his game over the past season but is still raw for someone who’s spent four years in big programs and might struggle to mix things up between tackles at the next level. Has clear starting talent if teams believe he can continue to hone his instincts, add functional strength and improve his tackles.

Projection: Round 2-3

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