2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jordan Battle (DB – Alabama)

As the NFL season wraps up, FantasyPros will take a look at early scouting reports from the NFL ahead of the March combine. Here’s a look at Jordan Battle.

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2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jordan Battle (DB – Alabama)

Battle of Jordan (DB – Alabama)

6’1″ – 206lbs.


A key part of Alabama’s defense for four years, since a 2019 season in which he started four games and played a total of 400 snaps that ended with a 30-2.0-1.0 line and an interception. He’s been a starter since then with 66 tackles, one interception and four sophomore breakups. Had a career-best junior line of 85 tackles, three interceptions and three breakups. As a senior, he accumulated 71 tackles and one interception in 13 games.


Four-year staffer for arguably the best-trained college team in the country. Well built for pro play. Played all over the defense, with about half of his snaps being high security and the rest more or less evenly split between the box and the slot, but slightly more towards the former. Good communicator in the backend. During the games reviewed, he was regularly trusted as a single-high safety, doing a good job of putting depth into his back pedal and providing over-the-top assist on deep targets. Generally adopts a patient approach to the game, keeps the game to himself, is not easily fooled by window dressing at the track dock, and appropriately handles his responsibilities as a last line of defense. Breaks down well in the open field and likes to get physical with opponents
ball carrier; Length gives it a solid attack radius. Gets a pretty good extension to lock out blockers when playing near the line. Uses his hands well to feel routes and stay in cover. Covered three interceptions for touchdowns.


Usage can be a little more limited at the Pro tier. Speed ​​and closing shock are more reasonable; may not be able to play much single-high at the next level and is more capable of limiting yards after the catch than phase on shorter breaking routes when falling into the slot . Can sometimes be pulled up or frozen by game actions and doesn’t always have the explosiveness to phase back in. Would have liked to see him man marking against opposing tight ends.


An experienced, polished player who can do a little bit of everything, gaining depth to help in high zones, coming in the box to defend the run and occasionally coming down to provide cover against opposing slot receivers. He should be a good fit for a team that emphasizes versatility and caution over aggressive ball hawking. A “jack of all trades, master of nothing” sort of thing that could potentially start relatively soon, albeit perhaps with a lower cap than some of the other defenders in the class.

Projection: round 3

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