CONTEST: Alabama Gymnastics Power of Pink/Iron Bowl Ticket Giveaway

Alabama Gymnastics is struggling a bit in the first year of Coach Ashley’s tenure after winning just one match and falling to 11th nationally (if the season ended today, that would be the lowest total for Alabama Gymnastics in the 25th history of the current ranking system and worst in a decade when Alabama ranked 10th).

They definitely try. And the team has a talented mix of youth and experience. Unfortunately, like so many UA athletics endeavors, the season was positively derailed almost immediately by injuries to some of the top athletes on the roster. This might as well be year zero for Ashley, not year one.

Despite this, the Gym Tide still compete and are competitive with their patched together roster. And they’ll need every ounce of support they can get this week when their state rival and Johnny-Come-Lately-to-the-mats, Auburn, arrives in town to celebrate Alabama’s outstanding annual gathering: not just for the Iron Bowl, but also meet the Power of Pink.

It is an event aimed at raising awareness for the fight against breast cancer and supporting fundraising for the DCH Cancer Fund. The Colosseum and several other campus and community landmarks will be illuminated with pink lighting this week to show their support for the cause.

Sarah Patterson came up with the idea in 2004. She wanted to call a gymnastics festival a “Drive for the Cause” event and asked everyone in attendance to wear pink. It was a huge success and attendance has only increased since then. The gathering is now called the Power of Pink, and the Coleman Coliseum regularly sells out. A gymnastics meet in Alabama is always exciting, but Power of Pink Night brings something special. The gymnasts of both teams wear pink leotards and the fans come in pink shirts, scarves, shoes and even pink wigs or feather boas. The team introduction is no longer about the gymnasts and their awards, but about the breast cancer survivor who is also introduced and accompanies them onto the mat. It’s a night of awareness and honoring those who bravely fought the disease.

Did we mention Auburn? What about reigning Olympic all-around gold medalist Suni Lee coming to town? Alabama will be an unaffordable underdog.

So, yes, we’re going to need a rowdy Coleman Coliseum on Friday night, and that’s where you come in: we’re sending four of you to this weekend’s gathering.

The rules are as tried and tested as they are simple:


  1. Members of any SBN site may enter (so join in, Alabama fans.) All submissions must appear in the comments: No Facebook comments, tweets, emails, texts, or hastily scrawled love letters are acceptable.
  2. Profanity, if used at all, should be extremely mild. For example, “damn” is acceptable in the context of the “Run the damn/dang ball, Lane” meme. #RTDBL. Let’s not have an eff bomb orgy, okay?
  3. This year’s haiku should be limited to: All About Athletics in Alabama in the Sad Year of 2022.
  4. If you see one you like, recommend and/or comment. We’re giving away two pairs; You choose one with your feedback, we choose the other at random. Humor obviously helps. But at the end of the day, I’m the iron fist under the velvet glove, so kiss the ring.
  5. The contest ends on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 AT NOON CENTER. The winner will be announced later that day so you can plan accordingly.
  6. As per SBN rules I must inform you that 1. there are rules for the contest (which you are reading now) and 2. there will be a prize below $100.00 (see below).
  7. Haiku must conform to the standard 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable convention.


The two (2) winners of this year’s contest will (each) receive a pair of tickets to the Alabama Power of Pink meeting; a total of four (4) tickets will be raffled.

Since it’s Auburn and it’s the inaugural event and the literal world champion is coming to town, the good seats are already gone (and it’s almost sold out as it is). But we won’t make you nosebleed. You get a great seat at a great gathering for a good reason.


Submit this haiku and go to vote.