Meet Alabama’s Newest Contestants on ‘The Bachelor’

Season 27 of The Bachelor is underway, and a woman with Alabama ties is hoping to win the heart of Zach Shallcross.

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 7 p.m. on ABC. You can live stream the show on fuboTV (free 7-day trial).

Charity Lawson, a 26-year-old child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia, graduated from Auburn University. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from AU and currently resides in Charlotte, NC

As one of 30 women vying for love on the 27th season of the popular reality dating series, Lawson received a rose at the season’s premiere last week. “I literally love what I do,” she said during a brief segment before arriving at the villa. “It’s definitely worth it, I would say.”

“I’m so ready for love,” she said during the premiere. “I want to find my partner. i want to get engaged I want to start a life with this person. I want someone who will treat me well. And definitely someone who can make me laugh.

“I’m really looking forward to getting married. I’m confident in what I want and I look forward to what’s to come.”

Lawson was one of the first women to emerge from the limousine and meet Shallcross outside the mansion, and you could hear that southern accent right away. “I’m a little nervous, I don’t want to lie, but now that I’m finally here I feel a little bit better,” she said of the new Bachelor. “My name is Charity and that means ‘love’ and I figured where better to find love than The Bachelors Mansion? And I couldn’t be more excited that you’re the Bachelor, and I hope we can chat a little more inside.

She even stole some time (and a kiss) with Shallcross during the premiere when she revealed her professional and educational background, something she shares with his mother, who he said is a special education teacher. “It’s very difficult,” he said of the field. “There’s only a certain type of person who can do that and keep a smile on their face and treat them great. And you are like that. I see that in you. You seem to be an incredible, amazing woman and you are absolutely stunning.”

Looking at the full Season 27 trailer, Lawson appears to have a prominent role as the story progresses, but we won’t seek or reveal any spoilers.

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Here’s what ABC shared about Lawson in their official show bio:

“It’s easy to see what makes Charity such a great catch! With a smile that lights up the room, a great career, and a sweet personality to match, charity is the total package! The Georgia beauty takes her name as a call to love and care for people and has built her life around that purpose. Charity is a mental health therapist passionate about helping people live their best life. Now she is ready to receive the love she gives to so many others! Charity hopes her future husband will be honest, loyal, and have similar morals. She says she is very excited to meet Zach and believes the two could be a perfect match on paper. Time will tell whether they are a perfect match for each other personally!”

The ABC biography also shares three “funny Facts” about Lawson:

  • Charity’s absolute favorite film is The Notebook.
  • Charity wants to move to Walt Disney World one day.
  • Charity throws a nasty axe.

Ahead of the Jan. 23 premiere, Lawson took to Instagram to let the cat out of the bag, posting her official show photo and writing, “My best kept secret is out…if you didn’t know, now you know.” Last week, she posted again and this time shared a photo of her receiving a rose during the premiere. She wrote, “And so it begins…” with a rose emoji.

After receiving her master’s degree on the Plains, Lawson posted a graduate portrait on Instagram and wrote, “The last 6 years at Auburn have been a once in a lifetime experience that I don’t take for granted. I was challenged, pushed and formed into the woman I am today. Looking back on my journey, I have met the most incredible people, professors, created the BEST memories, but most of all I have unconsciously followed my calling directly.”

She graduated with a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. “The joy you get from graduating the second time is so much sweeter when you get the confirmation that it’s one of those very things that God has called you to do,” she wrote. “The last two years have challenged me every day in the areas of personal growth, but also in my professional identity as a therapist. As a therapist, I get a great opportunity to love people the way Jesus loved. This field of work is so beautiful and I am passionate about advocating for mental health in today’s society.

And yes, she dropped a “War Eagle” too! Will she get this chance on the dating show?

ABC wrote this about lead actor Zach Shallcross: “A family man at heart, Shallcross commutes between Texas and Orange County. His parents, who have been married for over 30 years, showed him what true love looks like. He aspires to find love that reflects the standard they have set for him and he plans to keep her in mind when looking for a life partner. Home is where the heart is; and with the Bachelor mansion not too far away, Shallcross looks forward to starting his journey home in Southern California.”

From villainous contestants to lovable leads, Alabama personalities have dominated certain seasons of the long-running reality show, giving the state well-deserved airtime that keeps viewers coming back for more. We went through Alabama’s biggest connections to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, who turned 20 last year.

Lawson is the first Auburn connection since Madison Prewett, a foster recruiter and AU graduate (and eldest daughter of Auburn’s Director of Basketball Operations, Chad Prewett), who appeared in Season 24 with Bachelor Peter Weber.

Watch The Bachelor season 27 trailer below:

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 7 p.m. on ABC. You can stream the show live fuboTV (7-day free trial).