The blowout win said more about Bama than Vandy

Alabama basketball History was made Tuesday night at the Coleman Coliseum. The Crimson Tide’s 101-44 win over the Vanderbilt Commodores was the largest winning margin for Alabama in SEC basketball history.

For the Commodores, it was like horseback riding Andrea Gall in the perfect storm

Unlike the crew of the Andre GailVanderbilt will return to work Saturday, maybe humbled, a little battered, but he needs to do what Alabama did Tuesday night — shed memories from the last game.

Two minutes into the game, Vandy led by five points. A Crimson Tide deluge raised Alabama by 10 less than seven minutes later. Then the game got ugly for the Commodores. Vandy had to land a late three to go to the dressing room at half-time, 28 points back.

The game was anything but ugly for the Crimson Tide. The Alabama defense was stifling. The gunfight was searing. Nate Oats fielded 14 players. Brandon Miller, who led the Crimson Tide by 22 points, only played 27 minutes. No other Alabama player has logged more than 21 minutes.

Nate Oats spoke about his team and how the players did after the game responded to the loss of Oklahoma.

They answered the bell. You got the message. They’ve really been training each other for the past three days, to be honest. You are a great group.

Another comment from Nate Oats spoke volumes the mindset that he and his staff are working to develop.

We often tell our guys, just lose yourself in the game and the offense will take care of itself.

That’s exactly what happened Tuesday night. While Alabama shot 59% for the game, Alabama kept Vanderbilt at 25% shooting. Alabama Basketball was 46% off the arc and 71% on the foul line while also making 29 assists and overtaking the Commodores 45-33.

There is a context that needs to be considered. Vandy came into play after losing five of his last seven. They suffered a tough loss to Texas A&M on Saturday, losing 72-66 at College Station.

Vanderbilt coach Jerry Stackhouse is unhappy with the performance of some of his players. He launched a walkon against the Crimson Tide. Vandy fans and unfriendly media are mad at Stackhouse.

Speaking of Commodores, Nate Oats said:

I respect Vanderbilt a lot, so it was pretty unfortunate for them to be the team watching the Oklahoma game.

What the outcome of the game will mean for Vanderbilt is another story. What the game confirms about this Alabama basketball team is that when the Crimson Tide is at its best, it can be college basketball’s best team.

Note: Thanks to Stat Broadcast for the live stats.

Next up for the Alabama Crimson Tide is a Saturday trip to Baton Rouge. Another blowout win would be anything but joyless.