The Victoryland Casino in Alabama laid off its employees

Nowadays we only hear redundancies on Twitter, Google and Amazon. But they are not the only ones who recently had to lay off many employees. Macon County’s Victoryland Casino Hundreds of employees laid off. dr Lewis Benefield, the president of the casinosaid his decision had to be made because the court had ordered the closure electronic bingo games.

Historical horse races instead of bingo:

The casino plans to replace bingo with historical horse races. Likewise, the greyhound races are still included in the offer.

The Alabama Supreme Court decided that these games weren’t bingo, however illegal slot machines. This ended the long battle between the authorities and the casinos. In recent years the bingo operations in casinos have increased Closing and reopening several times, but it seems that for now it is the last word in this process.

Benefeld said: “I’m not going to do what maybe some people have done in the past and say, ‘Hey, fuck it. We will offer it anyway. I will not offer electronic bingo. I am doing this fully within the limits of the law and what the law allows me to do.”

The laws in Alabama are very strict – almost all forms of gambling are forbidden in the state, with only a few exceptions. Horse and dog racing are also allowed regular bingobut the electronic one is too similar to slot machines so it’s still banned.

At casinos in Atmore, Montgomeryand Wetumpka, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians still offer electronic bingo. Luther Strange, the former Attorney GeneralBut he wanted to ban it the federal court did not agree, claiming that the state is not responsible about that.

It all depends on the Alabama Legislature:

There is still hope that all forms of gambling will be authorized in Alabama, as voters will have the final word in the decision whether the Legislature of Alabama agrees to the plan. A constitutional change was placed and the legislative period is scheduled 7th March. Nobody knows the amount support the plan will get but Governor Kay Ivey supports the decision to give voters a chance to express their opinion regarding the matter.

Previous gambling suggestions in Alabama weren’t that successful. above 180 from them were rejected there are many enemies out there. Some of them are against because of the regulation of the lottery moral reasonsand others think this will have a negative impact on low-income people who would buy lots of tickets to get rich easily.

Benefield pointed to the number of electronic bingo machines in Jefferson County and said that’s all illegal. He said: “By my count there are about 20,000 electronic bingo machines in Jefferson County and I believe they are all illegal. If I thought they were legal I would offer them at Birmingham Race Course and I don’t. I think electronic bingo is illegal in Jefferson County.”