Urban Meyer lists the top five college football jobs, omits Alabama and explains why

The best jobs in college football all share similar strengths as profitable and talent-acquiring large-scale programs with a proven track record. Former Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer agrees with many of the factors, adding an additional location to the mix in his one of the best jobs in the country on recent CBS Sports podcast All Things Covered.

Hosts Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden seemed surprised by his list.

“I put something before prestige and tradition, and that’s talent,” Meyer said. “Georgia — I’ve always said Georgia, and they do now — you stumble upon players within three or four hours of this campus. Here’s the interesting thing about Georgia: I think it has as good high school coaching as there is. So I would say Georgia, I would say Ohio State, I would say Florida Gators/Florida State because I think it’s because of the talent levels are really similar jobs.

“I would say my husband Patrick’s (LSU) job. We didn’t recruit in Louisiana. Do you know why? Because all good players go to LSU maybe fly to Louisiana. I said, ‘We’re not going to have the kid.’ I would put USC there for their talent. I know I’ll give you more than five, but if you draw a circle within 300 miles of this campus, you’re looking at the NFL draft. I would rank the programs by that – Texas too.”

Meyer was immediately asked why Alabama was left out of his top jobs group.

“I think Alabama is a great job in terms of tradition and history,” Meyer said. “I think about it a lot because I was there early on when Alabama didn’t have Nick Saban. They beat us pretty badly for a year. I think Alabama high school football is awesome, but I don’t know if they have the same numbers that you have as Georgia or LSU. However, I would certainly see Alabama as a top five (job).

With six national championships in just over a decade with the Crimson Tide, Nick Saban has soared to new heights in Alabama. This program was the standard for college football success and this move has shown no signs of slowing down.

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