Dad is going viral for his “agenda” of discussion topics for his weekly bar meetup

A dad’s dedication to the organization — even in the face of multiple happy hour beers with the boys — has won him universal praise.

On December 2, 2022, a tweet from @kenzianidiot, whose first name is Kenzi, divided the first in a series of photos – something that’s becoming something of a weekly tradition for many users on Twitter.

In her first of many tweets on the subject, Kenzi shares details about her extremely demanding father, who compiles a list of topics of conversation to chat about when he meets friends at a bar every Friday.

“My dad goes to a bar with his friends every Friday and makes a list of topics for discussion,” @kenzianidiot tweeted. Along with the tweet, which has had over 10,000 retweets and more than 260,000 likes, the Twitter user shares an image of her father’s typed and clean-printed discussion agenda for the evening.

The December 1, 2022 agenda included Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love, the World Cup, and a political issue: “China and Russia.”

The last two points for the meeting proved to be a little easier and included talks about an ‘after Christmas party with the boys’ and finally a room for general discussion. Maybe they were talking about Christmas shopping at Bud Lights and Downeast Cider on the table, but only they know.

In a follow-up tweet, Kenzi addresses a bit of the lore surrounding her father’s now-viral agenda.

“Backstory: My dad and his friends have a ‘board meeting’ every Friday and he texts the ‘board members’ when they have items to add to the agenda.” read a tweet from Kenzi. “I get invitations quarterly, which is the greatest honor in life.” reached out to Kenzi via Twitter but have yet to receive a response.

Still, reactions to Kenzi’s initial tweet were fairly uniformly positive, with many users on Twitter praising Kenzi’s father and his dedication to bulleted lists.

“Dad sounds damn cool tbh” writes a user on Twitter.

“Your father is at the level we all want to be.” says Another user.

“I don’t know what I am [love] better: your father’s note from the bar OR that you will be updated by these notes. writes a user on Twitter. “My father died when I was 10 and you are incredibly lucky.”

“Does the paperclip mean he’s bringing one for everyone?” asks another Twitter user to whom Kenzi confirmed To write “Yes. he made 4 copies, one for each of us.”

Some users have also added their two cents to discussion topics, requested an invite, or suggested topics for upcoming “board” meetings.

“Can I submit some topics for your next discussion?” asks a user on Twitter who suggested, “Is Europe a continent?” and whether or not “two bears” would win in a fight against “a hippopotamus.”

“The time after “Jordan Love” … that’s his passion”, writes another Twitter user, to the other answered“I feel like Jordan Love has held that top spot after every Packers loss.”

“Would your dad be interested in arranging a Zoom call so I can hang out with him and the boys?” asks Another user.

Since the initial post in December 2022, Kenzi has posted several more of her father’s bar chat agendas including a January 13 agenda This included talks about football, holidays, superstitions, “Prince Harry” and “Laird’s water heater”. (Kenzi’s father cleared that Laird had his water heater replaced, hence his inclusion in the list.)

If you’re wondering how long it’s been like this, it’s been a while after a “throwback” agenda Posted in a week Kenzi said her father was on his way to visit her. In that post, she shared text proving that he was leading these weekly agendas back in March 2022. (This week’s discussion included “television,” in case you’re wondering.)

Much like her father, Kenzi’s dedication to sharing these weekly agendas online is becoming something of a tradition, with the latest edition of her father’s bar agenda coming out on January 27th.

The tweet, which Kenzi refers to as “Item 5,” contains a number of entertaining topics for discussion, although we’re not privy to any of the discussions. Case in point is the fact that the group discussed The Neverending Aaron Rogers Saga, Bourbon Tasting, and Bud VS Bud Light, which was both Budweiser and Bud light replied in the thread.

The topic “Use an agenda on a date???? Really happened’ is another discussion item on the agenda, which is ironic tickled several people on Twitter.

Almost every Friday since her first tweet, Kenzi has posted her dad’s bar agenda to great fanfare, a highly upvoted post on Reddit, tons of comments, and hundreds of thousands of likes on Twitter.

“Behind the scenes of my dad excitedly preparing for today’s agenda drop”, writes Kenzi on Twitter.

The tweet features a FaceTime call between father and daughter, both beaming with smiles as the Bar Agenda’s fan base grows thanks to them.

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