Jeremy Hunt fails to unlock full Brexit potential, damning poll shows | Politics | news

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his first major speech on the UK economy since his autumn declaration in November. He said he would like Britain to benefit from Brexit on Friday 27 January at Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London. But a new poll by has revealed that over 90 per cent of readers don’t trust Mr Hunt he will unleash the full potential of the UK’s independence from the European Union.

Mr Hunt vowed to use the “Brexit freedoms” to boost growth and productivity in the UK, stressing the government has a plan for “long-term prosperity based on British ingenuity and British hard work”.

He explained that Brexit could be a “catalyst” for growth. He said: “We want to be one of the wealthiest countries in Europe. Today I want to share our plan to address these issues. This plan, our growth plan, is necessary, driven and enabled by Brexit.”

He continued: “Our growth plan is a plan that builds on the freedoms that Brexit offers. It’s a plan to increase productivity.” He said his plan focuses on four pillars: “Enterprise, Education, Employment and Everywhere”.

Labour’s shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, agreed with Mr Hunt that the UK economy had “so much potential” but claimed only Labor Party plans could capitalize on it. She said: “The Tories have no plan at the moment and no plan for the future. It is time for a Labor government to build a better Britain.”

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In a poll conducted from midday on Friday 27 January to 11am on Tuesday 31 January, asked readers: ‘Trust Jeremy Hunt to unlock the full potential of Brexit ?

A total of 3,634 readers responded, with the overwhelming majority, 91 per cent (3,290 people) answering “no” for not trusting Mr Hunt to fulfill the potential of Brexit.

While eight percent (295 people) answered “yes,” they said they did, and another percent (49 people) said they didn’t know.

Hundreds of comments were left under the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on Mr Hunt’s plans for Britain’s post-Brexit economy.

Username Mick D added: “There is no Brexit potential to unleash! If so, we would see it now.”

Similarly, username WeeIain said: “There is no Brexit potential. It is as good as it gets.”

Username takeonefortheitteam said: “There are no options, just a huge net disadvantage.”

And the username ChillyPenguin said: “There is no ‘full potential of Brexit’. This is the Brexit we have now. This is what it looks like. It’s never going to get much better, I’m afraid.”