Largest crocheted Christmas tree in the world

This initiative, promoted by the Association of United Residents of Apelação (a town in Portugal), was launched in May and the original idea was to build a small crocheted tree 10 or 12 feet tall.

However, over the months the tree grew as the number of volunteer knitters increased. By November, the Christmas tree had exceeded 55 feet.

This surpassed the Guinness World Record held by a crocheted tree measuring 52.2 feet tall created in Ecuador last year.

An inclusive project

The ultimate goal of this project was to get the elderly women of the village out of their homes so they could interact with each other after two years of confinement due to the pandemic.

So the association proposed the idea and according to the coordinator of the project, their expectations were exceeded. The response from the population was spectacular: the team ultimately consisted of more than 70 women aged between 11 and 88.

Every afternoon they gathered in the assembly hall of the Apelação municipality and crocheted. Square by square, they knit more than 9,000 colorful pieces, which they then assembled into a spectacular Christmas tree that was dedicated on December 3rd.

promote quality of life

As they explain on their Facebook page, the association aims to “promote and ensure the quality of life of the inhabitants of the municipality of Apelação through the continuous improvement of living conditions, conviviality and social inclusion, and to promote actions that support and protect include , mainly for families, children, young people and the elderly.”

In addition, the association takes special care of the socially most marginalized population groups and is consistently committed to the integration of the immigrant population and ethnic minorities.

Cross-generational sharing

The plan worked; Women of all ages and from different cultures took part in this Christmas project. They engage in intergenerational and cross-cultural interactions, build bridges of communication and fight the isolation of many women who would have stayed at home without this project.

The women have strengthened their friendship through 211 days of collaboration, including more than 5,000 hours together, during which they have grown to know each other better and experienced moments of camaraderie and mutual appreciation.

Christmas brings us together

The work of connecting the small crocheted squares has helped unite the community of Apelação. Now holding the title of the world’s tallest handcrafted tree, this large tree — more than 55 feet tall — is a picture of the community spirit and inclusivity that characterized its construction.

Many local companies and institutions have sponsored the project and provided the means and funds to achieve this goal. Even the firefighters got involved and climbed the triangular metal structure that gives shape to the colorful tree to hang the fabric.

A lovely children’s choir and the Municipal Orchestra of Loures, the municipality to which Apelação belongs, attended the inauguration of the tree, which will be on display until January 6th.

Fundraising for the needy

In addition, the project volunteers organized a Christmas craft sale next to the tree to raise funds and make food baskets for those most in need in the community. Their slogan is: “Please help us to help.”