Hawaii tonight? (January 30, 2023)

Monday night is all about them NCIS shows. What’s up with the schedule tonight? will NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii air new episodes on Monday 30th January?

There’s some bad news tonight when it comes to the franchise. There will be no new episodes of the OG series or the Hawaii-based spin-off.

However, there are repetitions. We return to the third hour of the 20th season of the OG series. This was when a body was found at an ancient burial site that brought up theories of curses and all sorts possible. In Hawaii, we also go back to the third hour of last season. Entitled “Stolen Valor,” the team finds out who an impostor is when his body emerges pretending to be a naval officer.

When will new episodes of the NCIS series return?

How long do we have to wait for the new episodes of the two shows? There is a little bit of good news. The shows are back next Monday February 6th.

This break is likely twofold. The first is that CBS can ensure that the May finale schedule works. The second is that new episodes will air in February when the big sweep of Neilsen Live ratings takes place. The February sweep helps show renewals, and we know few will be at stake this year.

NCIS: Los Angeles has already been confirmed as finished. Season 14 must now be the last to be written, but will there be enough time to wrap up all the storylines? This could mean that both the OG series and Hawaii are safe for another year. They’re still going strong for Monday nights, even if they’re not the strongest shows on the network.

NCIS and Hawaii will return with new episodes on Monday 6th February from 9/8c. Find out about Paramount+.