Police officer kills dog in Pahala while serving restraining order

Police are investigating the disposal of a firearm by an officer in Pahala that resulted in the death of a dog late Saturday afternoon.

According to a written police statement, around 5 p.m. Saturday, two officers went to a home on the 92-1100 block of Kaumahana Street to serve a restraining order on a 52-year-old man.

As officers knocked on the door announcing their presence, several dogs were heard barking from inside the home. However, there was no response from anyone in the house, and officers began evacuating the property.

As the officers returned to their vehicles, a person inside the house opened the door and four to five dogs came out and immediately ran toward one of the officers. Within seconds, the pack of dogs began jumping up on him and scratching his legs.

According to police, one of the dogs lunged at the officer’s torso and snapped its jaws shut as if trying to bite the officer. The officer – fearing for his life, according to the police – drew his service pistol and fired it at the canine. After the shot, the officer took several steps back.

The injured dog retreated to the carport area, where it died a short time later.

Residents were able to escort the remaining dogs back into the home, where they were secured without further incident.

The officer was not injured.

Police have launched a dangerous dog investigation in connection with this incident.

In addition, detectives from the Office of Professional Standards, the department’s internal affairs branch, responded and launched a standard internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the firearm’s disposal.

“Law enforcement incidents can go from zero to 10 in a matter of seconds,” Chief Benjamin Moszkowicz said. “In this case, the officer was attacked by several large, aggressive animals and had less than three seconds to react and make a decision on how best to save his own life.

“Even so, any loss of life is tragic. In this case, we mourn the loss of the dog, who ended up being a beloved family member.”

Police released edited body-worn camera footage of the incident, with the dog shot by the officer intentionally blurred.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the police department’s non-emergency number at (808) 935-3311 or West Hawaii CID Detective Donovan Kohara at (808) 326-4646, ext to set connection. 267, or email [email protected]