Charles Barkley, who once gambled $10 million in 6 hours, lost a $50,000 bet with Hall of Famers in 2005, but for a good cause

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan were once best friends before they started dating in the late 2000s. Despite being championship rivals, the two NBA legends shared a common love of golf and gambling. MJ and Barkley spent a lot of time hitting golf courses and playing golf together. In addition, Charles Barkley has shared insights into his sports betting tours on numerous occasions. He even claimed to have lost $10-15 million while playing big. However, in 2005, Charles Barkley lost a $50,000 bet against an NBA Hall of Famer for charity.

While Barkley has made wiser investing decisions to make a $70 million fortune for himself, he continues to take part in sports betting events. Last year, Barkley admitted he bet $100,000 on himself to finish in the top 75 at the American Century celebrity golf tournament. But his bet was canceled due to the own bet prohibition rule under Nevada regulations. However, Barkley’s love of winning was once surpassed by his humanity when he ended up losing big bucks for a good cause.

Charles Barkley lost $50,000 to a charity


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Back in July 2005, Charles Barkley performed at the American Century Championship Golf Charity Event in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The Phoenix Suns legend made a bet with NBA veteran Chris Webber and ended up losing it.

Charles Barkley and Chris Webber, July 2005
Photo credit: Imago

According to Imago, “NBA basketball men’s USA great Chris Webber won a $50,000 bet with former NBA star CHARLES BARKLEY to play on the final day of the American Century Championship golf course, held at Edgewood Golf Course on the Shore of South Lake Tahoe to go to his favorite charity. The event was for Dan Marino’s charity Autism Speaks.”


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Barkley wagered $50,000 during his bet with Webber at the charity event organized to raise funds for treatment for people with autism. The Phoenix Suns legend has been a part of the golf event over the years and has been an active contributor to charity events. While he lost on this particular occasion in 2005, Charles Barkley was also successful in his gambling endeavors.

Charles Barkley’s gambling saga

In a 2016 interview, Charles Barkley shared that he played to win. The 11-time All-Star found it exciting to win money while gambling. Also, Barkley revealed that he had won a million dollars at least 4-5 times.


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The NBA Hall of Famer also admitted to losing $1 million or more at least ten to fifteen times. Additionally, Chuck claimed that he once lost $10 million in just six hours. So while Barkley was making millions from gambling, he was losing over $10-20 million.