Las Vegas Aviators Baseball, A Local’s Review

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Looking for the perfect summer activity for the family? Look no further! Visit Las Vegas Ballpark to see the Las Vegas Aviators.

In 2019, the 51ers were renamed and became the Las Vegas Aviators, complete with a beautiful new ballpark in the heart of Summerlin.

The Las Vegas Aviators games are a perfect blend of luxury and locality, complete with a splash pool, pool, club levels and local restaurants serving their best food. The season usually lasts from April to September.

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Las Vegas aviator

The season for the Las Vegas Aviators usually lasts from April to September. They also keep an updated schedule on their website which you can find here.

Read on for tips and tricks to make your family’s experience a home run!


Las Vegas ballpark
1650 S Pavilion Center Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89135

You may be tempted to park across the street in downtown Summerlin. But behind the stadium there is actually a lot with tons of parking spaces.

costs and seats

One of the reasons we love Las Vegas Aviators games is that they are affordable and family friendly! There are ticket options for every budget. You could go the classic route and sit in the stands, which are surprisingly spacious for a stadium.

Or grab some tickets and bring a blanket to sit on The Berm! The game starts later in the day, usually around 7pm, so plan your schedule and lunch break accordingly.

Remember there is no re-entry! Once you’re in, you’re in.


You may be tempted to park across the street in downtown Summerlin. But behind the stadium there is actually a lot with tons of parking spaces.

After parking at both locations, we always choose the stadium car park. We never run into traffic and it only takes a few minutes to walk to the entrance.

Take the city center and turn left into Oval Park if you want to bypass traffic entirely. You can’t miss it!

to eat and drink

Vegas Ballpark has the best of both worlds when it comes to dining. Each concession stand has traditional hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts. Or try some ‘sublime classics’ created by local restaurants!

The hot dogs and souvenir nachos (served in the cutest Aviators helmet shell) are our favorites.

It wouldn’t be Vegas without some delicious drinks! There are several bars throughout the ballpark that serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Stadium cups are available for purchase and can be refilled at one of the self-serve soda fountains.

Tips for your visit

diaper bags

Diaper bags are welcome at Las Vegas Aviators games as long as they are accompanied by a child. There are security checks at every entrance, so be prepared to have your bag checked.

If you’re watching a game without kids, there’s a size requirement for bags (no larger than 16″ x 16″x 8″ and they don’t have to be clear).

You can bring everything you need for your little ones (nappies, wipes, bottles, formula, etc.). We even brought some kid-specific snacks with us with no problem. Las Vegas Ballpark even allows you to bring one sealed non-frozen 1 liter water bottle per person!

For more information on what you can and can’t bring to games, see the ballpark’s A-to-Z Guide here.


Strollers are allowed, according to the Las Vegas Aviators ballpark website. However, they must remain at the top of the grandstand and cannot walk down to your seat with you.

I would leave the stroller at home if you can! Carrying babies is a great option, or grab a spot on the berm (the grassy area near the bar and pool) so you can spread out.

Kid-friendly places

My favorite part of the Las Vegas Aviators ballpark is the splash pad! It’s a hidden gem and is usually pretty quiet. The pool is closed for private events, but the splash pool is open to anyone attending a game.

If your kudos needs to squeeze out some energy, this is perfect! And it’s right next to the bar if you want to grab a nice drink on the go.

If you know your little ones will have a hard time sitting still during the game, grab some tickets to sit on The Berm!

You can bring a blanket, spread out on the lawn, and do a few laps around the stadium if needed. It can get a bit light when the sun goes down, so bring sunglasses and sunscreen before the game.

If you have teenagers in tow, there are foosball tables and comfy chairs on the upper deck near The Berm. It’s the perfect place to take a break during the game and watch the sunset.

Theme nights and freebies

Check the match calendar before you buy tickets! The team sometimes offers free goods to guests who arrive early at certain games. We have a bunch of towels and t-shirts that we love!

Other themed nights include a $2 beer night (hello, date night!!!), fireworks nights and barks in the park where your furry friends can join in. This summer they added Flicks on the Field where you can bring the whole family to enjoy a movie on the field!

Visit the Aviators website if you have additional questions about visiting Las Vegas Ballpark.

Las Vegas Aviator Fun

If you’re looking for a fun family activity or casual date this summer, add the Las Vegas Aviators Baseball Games to your list! Heading there before the 2022 season ends? Tell us how to do it! We can’t wait to hear your opinion