My dog ​​could get more “historical” money from Washington

Sherman R Frederick

Preally subversive/Sherman R Frederick

Our Nevada senators want you to know that they snagged Washington pork to improve our lives in Nevada.

I know this because I get their press releases.

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto says she gave us a $1.2 million grant — yes, kids, $1.2 million — to train more mental health professionals in Nevada schools.

“Investing in the mental health of our children has always been one of my top priorities, and I have secured historic funds to increase the number of mental health professionals in schools across Nevada,” she said.

And our other senator — Jacky Rosen — sends us a press release at Battle Born Media about how she was instrumental in helping us raise $55.2 million for “reliable, affordable broadband infrastructure and other digital connectivity technology projects that will help deliver more.” than 40,000 (low-income) homes in Nevada with high-speed Internet.”


I can’t wait for this little spinning wheel of death to get off the computers in Ely, Eureka, and Hawthorne. Wait …

Of course, as thinking Nevadans know, this is a form of political cow pats. Money is pouring in from Washington at an alarming rate. Even Ukraine grabs some of the spill. (If Putin just threatened Mesquite, we’d be rolling in dough.)

Look, I’m just saying that Nevada senators are calling their efforts “historic” gilding of the lily.

Hell, if my dog ​​Gidget was a US Senator, she could get twice as much as Cortez Masto and Rosen for speaking up in the Senate and doing what she does every morning before breakfast — barking non-stop.


There would be bipartisan support, I tell you, to “give the dog from Nevada” whatever she wants… but please shut up Gidget!

Of course I’m exaggerating. But a Nevadan can dream, right?

Senator Gidget, D-NV

Speaking of expenses

While I’m near spending in Washington, a quote comes to mind from Thomas Sowell, who asked, “Why have a national debt ceiling if it doesn’t actually cap national debt?”

The answer, of course, is that we really don’t want to cut spending, we just want to appear like we’re cutting spending. This is pretty much true for Ds and Rs.


While it has political overtones (let’s face it), there’s valid reason for Congress to learn more about the sale of five Hunter Biden artworks. Buyers are anonymous (what could go wrong?) and the prices were, well, exceptional. Five Hunter Biden paintings fetched $375,000.

Good job for a first timer if you can get it.

It says “Peddle Influence” everywhere. People have an interest in knowing who the buyers were and where the money went.


– Europeans: I drove 45 minutes to spend the weekend in Spain and then stopped in France and Italy to visit friends on the way home. Nevadans: I was in Reno and drove 8 hours east. I was still in Nevada.

– The real measure of strength is opening a box of thin mints without eating a whole pod.

– I’m so tired of living like it’s the 17th century. Can I afford eggs at the market? Will my friends die from the plague? Puritans come for my sinful lifestyle? I want some modern problems.

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“Properly Subversive” is a commentary by Sherman R. Frederick, a Nevada Hall of Fame journalist and co-founder of Battle Born Media, a news organization dedicated to preserving community newspapers. You can email him at [email protected] gmail. com.