Reflections of the Past | Independent Mineral County News

10 years ago

• The Mineral County Board of County Commissioners held its first meeting as two newly elected Commissioners, Cliff Cichowlaz and Paul MacBeth, tested the merits of their office. The first meeting related to the annual organization of the board, including the assignment of members and/or alternates to other boards, commissions and committees.

• Nearly two years after the Hawthorne earthquake swarm began, another series of tremors appeared in Mineral County, only this time they were centered just east of the town of Mina.

• Gov. Brain Sandoval proposed expanding all-day kindergarten to nearly half of Nevada’s elementary schools, promoting programs for English learners and investing more in the Millennium Scholarship while addressing US states last week.

20 years ago

• Construction of the 1969 Schweer Drive residential area on the west side of the depot continues with demolition. The area was initially used as temporary housing for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) operating in the 1930s. During World War II the area was used to house depot workers and was known as (Camp Jumbo). The residential area consisted of 25 double units. mTalks continued this week with the addition of mediator Barbara Consent to address water issues in the Walker Basin. The river is shared by recreational, agricultural and other consumption uses, and wildlife habitats in California and Nevada. The river ends at Walker Lake in Hawthorne.

• Martin Luther King, Jr. honored by members of Bethel Baptist Church.

• Local dial-up Internet access was offered to residents of Hawthorne through Sonnet Networking for $16.95/month.

30 years ago

• Al and Mary (Maggie) Silveira hosted the opening ceremony for their new bakery at 8th and Sierra Way in Hawthorne, known as Maggie’s Bakery.

• Hawthorne Elks Lodge held their 21st annual hoop shoot in the high school gym.

• Several inches of snow fell and stayed on the ground long enough for many local residents to build an “old-fashioned snowman” that lasted several days.

40 years ago

• New Nevada Governor Richard Bryan was pictured in Independent News with Tony Hughes as he received the Medal of Merit award for outstanding service during his 32 years in the Nevada Army National Guard.

• The school reopened at the Presbyterian Church in Hawthorne after a fire destroyed the Mineral County Co-Op Preschool building.

• Nevada’s first female oral historian and founder of the University of Nevada’s oral history program, Mary Ellen Glass, announced her retirement.

50 years ago

• Linda Nagy of Hawthorne was one of 50 University of Nevada students selected to serve as Legislative Assistant during the current session of the Legislature and was assigned to work with Representative Tim Hafen of Mineral County-Nye-Esmeralda District. She was a senior at the Reno campus majoring in journalism and her first report was published in the Independent News.

• The courthouse and schools were closed for the funeral of former President London Johnson. The day had been declared a national holiday.

• The Serpents defeated Elko 76-65 but lost to White Pine 78-57.

60 years ago

• A chase by cops and robbers more than 45 miles from Hawthorne into California involving two California teenagers in custody, one with a gunshot wound in the right side, at Bridgeport Hospital.

• Work has begun on the Walker Lake recreation area but on the Bureau of Land Management.

• The Serpents defeated Lovelock 61-40 and Winnemucca 50-46.

• Uncle Vane Day said: “The Friendship Bank cannot exist without deposits. A man’s friends are his greatest asset.”

70 years ago

• A meeting was held here with Veterans Administration officials to lift restrictions on housing loans.

• The Mineral County Jail kept pace with the rest of Hawthorne and announced that it would soon be on the Critical Housing Shortage List . The sheriff announced that he will put a “No Vacancy” sign on the jail if more people choose to accept their prison sentences rather than pay assessed fines.

80 years ago

• The recently purchased resuscitator was put to good use again by the Hawthorne Fire Department when a well-known resident suffered a heart attack and collapsed at a local shop. After ten minutes on the ventilator, he was revived and taken to the district hospital for treatment.

• The Serpents lost 29-19 to Douglas after two overtimes but rallied to win Sparks 26-23.

• The Mina Civil Club elected new officers and planned a program of activities.

90 years ago

• Various plans for the reorganization and reopening of the Wingfield banks were offered. Meanwhile, creditors, including depositors, have been advised to file their claims with EJ Seaborn, the state bank auditor.

• State engineer George W. “Molly” Malone stated whether you reduced the state’s operating expenses by presenting Governor Belzer with a budget for his office that showed a 10% reduction.

• Musical issues before the 1933 legislature were changes to the Banking Act, a special sales tax on ‘non-necessities’, a tax on insurance premiums, the creation of a state welfare agency, some sort of old-age pension, a state support committee to manage state and federal aid projects.

• Earthquakes were still being felt in Mina and other parts of eastern and southern Mineral County.