SPCA is filing a lawsuit against the city of Reno in the Nevada Supreme Court

The Northern Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is appealing a court loss in Washoe County’s Second Judicial District Court against the City of Reno and Reno Iron Works.

SPCA filed an appeal with the Nevada Supreme Court in early January after Judge Kathleen Sigurdson denied a request for judicial review in December.

The dispute is over whether Reno Iron Works can build a manufacturing facility next to the shelter, as approved by the Reno City Council last year.

The nonprofit claimed, among other things, that “a large metals facility adjacent to the SPCA-NN is inconsistent with SPCA-NN’s existing use of its property and negatively impacts SPCA-NN’s ability to provide quality care and rehabilitate at-risk pets.” will affect”.

SPCA released the following statement on its website:

“Several laws were violated during this process and SPCA-NN fought against the proposed project at every step. This project will adversely affect our existing operations; especially the care and housing of endangered pets.

“We lost first at the planning commission level because the City of Reno planning staff failed to properly brief the commission on what elements they should review as part of the “Master Site Plan Review” application. We lost by one vote and one Commissioner was very divided in approving the motion. Had he been properly instructed by the staff, he would have voted no.

“Furthermore, SPCA-NN has also not received the notification required by law.”

Sigurdson disagreed in December.

“The findings of [the] The council was legally sufficient … and supported by substantial evidence,” she wrote. “For example, the records show that City Council members discussed transport issues and their impact on the site proposal at length.

“Additionally, this court finds that the lack of notification did not affect the SPCA because the notification provided to the SPCA contained the necessary information such that actual notification was not required.”

The SPCA wants the state court to determine whether Sigurdson’s decision related to the nonprofit’s legal arguments was a mistake and “whether the rights of the SPCA-NN were violated by the ex-Parte contacts and investigation of a Reno City Councilman.” were violated in relation to the facts underlying the dispute.”

The Supreme Court has ordered the case for mediation.

Disclosure: SPCA Attorney Luke Busby is representing This Is Reno in two lawsuits against the City of Reno. He declined to comment on the case.