father Dems shake money tree ahead of February 7 special election | Coffee on Wednesday morning

How do you know it’s almost election day? The tone of fundraising becomes much more insistent.

What if control of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is at stake?

Much, much more urgent.

In less than a week before voters from western Pennsylvania go to the polls In a trio of special State House elections, Democrats shook the money tree among supporters and warned of dire consequences should a single Republican win.

“While we have a Democratic ally in the governor’s mansion — right now, Republicans control the Senate,” the Pennsylvania Democrats wrote in a fundraiser released Monday. “If the Democrats lose even one of the special elections, the Republicans will retain their majority in the House of Representatives and have a free hand to advance their radical anti-democracy, anti-election agenda.”

A limitation: The Democrats tilted heavily in the February 7 race 32, 34and 35. House districts in the greater Pittsburgh area. But politics is still an unpredictable business where anything can happen — and most likely will.

The seats, all held by Democrats, opened up with the death of a longtime lawmaker Representative Anthony DeLucaand the resignations of Representative Austin Davis and Summer Leewho now serve as Lieutenant Governor and in the US House of Representatives, respectively.

Democrats had a narrow majority of 102 to 101 right out of the November 2022 election. The vacancies returned the advantage to Republicans, and the two sides have been fighting for control of the 203-member chamber ever since.

(Pa. Democratic Party Photo)
(Pa. Democratic Party Photo)

Clicking on the image above brings recipients to a donation page maintained by the fundraising platform ActBlue. Supporters can donate as little as $5 up to $500, or choose an amount of their choosing. You also have the option to make a one-time contribution or opt for recurring donations.

“We must act quickly!” breathed the email breathlessly. “Will you do whatever you can to help win those seats and protect Pennsylvania from more dangerous policies the GOP has been pushing for years?”

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Lest you think the Democrats are outliers in this practice, the revived White House campaign of yore President Donald Trump regularly sends such emails to followers in far more hysterical terms.

A Trump card The campaign email sent out on Monday gave a grim warning of the influence of progressive mega-donors George Soroswho “will pour MILLIONS of dark money into this race”.

The only bulwark, acc Trump card? That would be “hardworking patriots like you, friend, have always been the backbone of our great country AND ours LIKE Movement.”

Clicking on a link brings recipients to a similar donation page where they have the opportunity to set an amount for their contribution and decide whether they want to make it a one-off or a recurring one.

In the past, Trump card has met with criticism for using pre-checked boxes that drove backers to earn millions of dollars in recurring donations.

But some things don’t change, including Trumps unsubtle claims that the campaign by President Joe Bidenwho is It is widely expected that he will stand for re-election next year he will try to manipulate the race in his favour.

biden shuns voters and tries to manipulate and buy his way to power,” according to one email Trumps Campaign sent to supporters on Sunday with no evidence claimed. “Our campaign focuses on the people of our country.”

Rest assured that the pace of fundraising – and the tone of the emails – will only escalate as we get deeper into campaign season.