Lancaster County is increasing the number of accredited police departments

Lancaster County citizens can rest easy knowing that many police agencies serving our communities are already accredited and others are currently enrolled in the accreditation process. The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association introduced the accreditation program in the summer of 2001 and has since accredited over 147 agencies throughout the Commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association introduced the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Program to the Commonwealth in July 2001. Since then, over 375 agencies have signed up and 147 agencies currently retain accredited status.

In the last six months, a total of three newly accredited Lancaster County law enforcement agencies have joined the ranks of accredited agencies, including the East Hempfield Township Police Department, East Lampeter Township Police Department, Ephrata Police Department, Franklin and Marshal Department of Public Safety, Lititz Police Department, Manheim Township Police Department, Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department and the newest member agency, the West Lampeter Township Police Department, which was accredited last week. This has been accomplished through collaborative efforts between accredited agencies, assisting those agencies seeking accredited status. This local support network strengthened the process for everyone by sharing best practices and ideas.

Using the best overall estimate of 31 law enforcement agencies listed in the Lancaster County 911 Center Law Enforcement Agency List, there are 8 accredited agencies. This accounts for 25.81% of Lancaster County law enforcement agencies that are accredited. This number should be viewed in light of the unique situation that Pennsylvania is home to over 1,231 law enforcement agencies, with the statewide accreditation rate currently estimated at 11.94%, with Lancaster County having a rate twice the statewide Average. Although this is a “good start”, other agencies have enrolled in the process and are pursuing the goal of accreditation.

Another positive impact on the Lancaster County policing community is the involvement of many Lancaster County police officers who serve in leadership positions within local, statewide and national professional organizations and senior-level oversight committees. This participation provides a better understanding of trends, areas of emerging training and policy applications, and ultimately adoption of best policing practices.

For more information on the PLEAC accreditation process and standards, please visit this link: