PA Wilds supports the Astronomy Club | community

The Pennsylvania Wilds Astronomy Club, a new club focused on celestial exploration, has formed and is now accepting members in north-central Pennsylvania.

The club welcomes members to watch Pennsylvania Wilds from anywhere in the 13 counties. a 13-county region containing Warren, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Lycoming, Clinton, Elk, Cameron, Forest, Clearfield, Clarion, Jefferson, and the Northern Center counties, including those not in the region.

The club is a community partner of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania, a network of local organizations and entrepreneurs that provide products, services and experiences only found in the Pennsylvania wilderness.

“Using the name ‘Pennsylvania Wilds’ helps anchor the club in this region and creates recognition as it shows that we are a resident of this landscape of phenomenally dark skies,” said Steve Conard, President and Founder of the clubs

The club hopes to begin meetings in the fall of 2023. Meetings are expected to be hybrid, with both in-person and remote participation. Group observation events are scheduled to begin this spring.

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The Fire in the Glen concert is on Friday February 24th

In addition to meetings, the Pennsylvania Wilds Astronomy Club also plans monthly public events, some in conjunction with Step Outdoors, libraries, and local festivals. The group will also promote awareness of dark sky resources in the region.

Public events already scheduled include a solar observation at the Wellsboro Winter Celebration on February 11 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and a night sky observation in conjunction with Mansfield University’s Strait Planetarium on March 10 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.: 30 p.m

“I hope this club creates a space for people of all skill levels to appreciate heaven,” says Conard. “Whether it’s the solar system or deep sky objects, there’s so much to discover through binoculars or a telescope. This type of club also helps bring people with similar interests together, build relationships, and share stories about our observations.”

Visit the club’s website,, for more information on upcoming events. Joining the Pennsylvania Wilds Astronomy Club is free. The club welcomes members of all skill levels and ages, whether you’re a dedicated observer or just have a casual interest in space. To join the Pennsylvania Wilds Astronomy Club or have them attend your event, call 410-227-7663 or email [email protected]