Panacea Financial announces its partnership with the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED).

Panacea offers its full range of banking products to eligible members of PAMED doctors

LITTLE SKIRT, Ark., January 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Panacea Financial (Panacea), which provides financial services to physicians, dentists and veterinarians at all stages of their education and practice, has partnered with the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED), the only statewide organization dedicated to representation aller is dedicated to physicians across the Commonwealth of over 11,000 members in all specialties and employment situations to provide preferred physician-centric banking services to PAMED members.

Tyler StaffordCFA, CEO and co-founder of Panacea, said, “The Pennsylvania Medical Society is one of the oldest and most respected medical societies in the country and we are proud to have their support as a trusted banking partner. Our banking solutions have been specifically designed to help physicians navigate their financial journey throughout their careers and we look forward to serving PAMED members.”

Panacea is a financial services company founded by physicians for physicians, providing tailored product offerings and services specifically designed for physicians, dentists and veterinarians throughout their careers: from school to education to practice. Panacea’s products cover the full range of banking needs for this unique demographic, including PRN personal loans, student loan refinance and practice loans.

Martin RaniowskiExecutive Vice President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED), commented, “While PAMED marks its 175thth anniversary this year, we are proud to work with Panacea. This special partnership offers doctors and medical students comprehensive banking solutions and is a fitting example of how innovatively PAMED meets the needs of our members. Because Panacea is founded and directed by colleagues, they understand the unique financial needs of our physicians and we welcome them as a trusted partner. The advancement of medicine and physician experience over the next 175 years will require continued innovation and collaboration, and we look forward to serving our members through this partnership.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the Pennsylvania Medical Society. As a company founded by physicians, we love to support organizations that also exist to help our community.” President and co-founder of Panacea, Michael Jerkins, MD, added. “Doctors everywhere Pennsylvania deserve banking that understands their stressors and busy schedules. From opening a practice to consolidating high-interest debt, we can support you.”

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About Panacea Financial

Panacea Financial, a division of Primis Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:FRST), is a national financial services company offering products in all 50 states Washington, D.C Panacea offers a full suite of banking solutions purpose-built by doctors for doctors. Follow Panacea Financial on Instagram, Facebook, Twitterand LinkedIn

About the Pennsylvania Medical Society

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) dates back to 1848 and is the only national organization dedicated to representing all physicians in the Commonwealth. PAMED is the voice of Pennsylvania Doctors and the patients they care for. They promote quality patient care and the ethical practice of medicine, and promote physician leadership, education, professional satisfaction, sustainability of practice, and public health.

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