wawa; egg prices; Roller Coaster Retires: Good Morning Pennsylvania

Could Wawa come to Dauphin County?

For years, central Pennsylvania was a desert when it came to Wawa fans hoping for a fix without driving an hour away.

Then last summer the chain announced it would be opening 40 stores in the area, including one in East Pennsboro Township just across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg.

Now a wawa has been proposed in Swatara Township, at the old Hoss’s Steak and Sea House site on Route 322 near Hummelstown. But before that can happen, the municipality would have to change the zoning in the area.

It’s not the only hoop Wawa has to jump through. This location is also in a flood zone, and the Hoss was closed for six months after being submerged in flood waters from Tropical Storm Lee.

Now let’s take a look at this morning’s headlines.

Egg Prices: Pretty much everything has gone up in price these days, but sticker shock is felt most severely when trying to buy a dozen eggs. And don’t expect things to get much better before Easter. But prices should come down – as long as there isn’t another outbreak of bird flu.

act of charity: When Harrisburg City Councilman Ralph Rodriguez found out who tried to break into his nonprofit office early Saturday, he responded by sending the young man money and arranging for a load of clothes to be sent to him and his ailing father.

police beats: The death of Tire Nichols at the hands of five Memphis police officers has reignited fear and difficult conversations across the black community, with fresh sting that another young black man’s life has been claimed by police brutality.

whiplash: While The Wildcat’s retirement was expected at Hersheypark, coaster fans were shaken to find out that the park has also retired The Whip. It was first noticed Thursday by the American Amusement Park Museum, which discovered the cars and parts in the Hersheypark parking lot.

Go online: Harrisburg boutique Amma Jo is exiting physical stores after seven years of operating from different locations and will now only be online.

Bowling again: A dozen years have passed since the doors to New Bloomfield’s Perry Lanes opened. Originally opened in 1959, the bowling alley will once again function as a family fun center and hopes to one day host league games.

suicide pact: Police revealed the family, who died in a suicide pact last week, had left notes explaining their reasons. They also wore hearing protection and made arrangements for grooming the family dog.

probation officer: At least three counties in Pennsylvania don’t check new probation officers against a statewide database of police misconduct or upload recent records of misconduct, undermining a law designed to prevent job-hopping by bad cops.

Fun facts: How much do you really know about Punxsutawney Phil, the great weather forecaster? Here are some “facts” to add to your groundhog trivia.

weather animals: There’s more than one weather-predicting marmot out there. Meet Punxsutawney Phil’s rivals, including Staten Island Chuck, who is hugely popular in his home state of New York.

Eagles Nation: The Philadelphia Eagles are in the Super Bowl and the hype is just beginning. There will be a sibling rivalry in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, with some already betting that the Eagles will win. Those not happy with the Eagles right now? Some New York fans.